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Hideki Kato


Espalier Hirakawacho Bldg. 3rd FL
2-9-2 Hirakawacho Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 102-0093 JAPAN
Tel : +81-(0)3-5275-5607
E-mail : info@kosonippon.org

Major Activities

What makes us unique

1) A focus on policy realization

KOSO NIPPON is a Japanese public policy think tank founded in 1997. Our activities are not limited to developing proposals, but also focus on making them a reality. We think about the future of society as a whole, and take a cross-sectional approach to addressing social issues. We work directly with politicians, nonprofit organizations, and the media to get our policies implemented, no matter how many years it may take.

2) Reform from a frontline point of view

Any nation will be better off if the thoughts and feelings of everyday citizens can be reflected in policies and incorporated into politics. With this in mind, KOSO NIPPON goes directly to local governments and their communities, engaging in activities that enable residents to see social affairs as ‘their own business.’

Reform from a frontline point of view

3) Independent, not-for-profit management

KOSO NIPPON is an independent, nonprofit organization. We are funded by membership fees and do not engage in commissioned business. This is why we can speak openly and take action without influence from political parties, politicians, corporations, or anyone else.

List of Founding Supporters

Hironori Aihara, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation
Makoto Iida, Founder and Chairperson, SECOM Co., Ltd.
Masatoshi Ito, Founder and Honorary Chairman, Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.
Joro Ushio, Chairperson, Unio Inc.
Yoshiki Otake, Chairperson, AFLAC Japan
Hiroshi Okuda, Chairperson, Toyota Motor Corporation
Yoshiyuki Kasai, Chairperson, JR Central Japan
Yotaro Kobayashi, Chairperson, Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Shigeo Sawada, Chairperson, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Tadao Suzuki, President, Mercian Corporation
Nobuo Tateishi, Chairperson, OMRON Corporation
Seiji Tsutsumi, President, The Saison Foundation
Sho Nasu, Chairperson, Tokyo Electric Power Company
Yutaka Narita, Chief Advisor, Dentsu Inc.
Haruyuki Niimi, Chairperson and CEO, Showa Shell Sekiyu KK.
Hirotaro Higuchi, Chairperson, Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Yoshiharu Fukuhara, President, Shiseido Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiko Miyauchi, President, ORIX Corporation
Yuzaburo Mogi, President, Kikkoman Corporation
Toshio Morikawa, Honorary Advisor, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Ken Moroi, Director and Senior Advisor, Taiheiyo Cement Corporation
Tadashi Yanai, Chairperson, President and CEO, Fast Retailing Co., Ltd.

*Company/organization names and job titles are shown as of KOSO NIPPON’s establishment.
*In alphabetical order. Honorific titles are omitted.